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January 2013
MatrixNet helps CERN physicists find what they are looking for
20 January 2013, 21:33
One of the four big experiments at the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider, is now testing Yandex’s machine learning technology, MatrixNet, on their data on B-meson decay.
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Yandex Rolls Out Experimental Social Recommendation Tool – Wonder
24 January 2013, 17:43
Social networks have become the main source of information for many of us. We get news from Twitter and Facebook, learn about new places on Foursquare and Instagram, discover new music on Facebook via Spotify and Rdio. We receive information through our news feeds which change so quickly that we often lose track of what has just caught our attention. To help ourselves retrieve interesting bits from our social networking space, we have built an app for iPhone and iPod Touch that can respond to our questions using the information about our friends’ activity on Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare and Twitter – places they visited, music they listened to, or news they read – and called it Wonder
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Future of search, who really owns your content and why personalisation can backfire
30 January 2013, 18:05
Watch Yandex's CTO discuss all these and other important issues at DLD's Business and Technology Conference, TES 2013
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