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February 2013
Yandex.Locator: It’s not about the whereabouts
15 February 2013, 18:09
As location-based products and applications are becoming a staple of people’s everyday activities, the expectation to have a favourite map or search app constantly on hand regardless of the strength or availability of a GPS signal has also become a given. Everyone wants to have access to relevant and useful information at any point in time even if their mobile device cannot receive satellite signal
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Yandex Opens Yandex.Store, Releases New Version of Yandex.Shell
21 February 2013, 17:09
Yandex has announced the release of Yandex.Store, one of the largest alternative Android app stores, and a new version of the innovative 3D interface for Android-based smartphones, Yandex.Shell. Device manufacturers and mobile operators can now have a fully functional app store and a prize-winning user interface solution installed on their devices. These two products are part of the alternative mobile ecosystem developed by Yandex, which the company is announcing at Mobile World Congress 2013. 
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How Yandex protects against malware that spreads via Java applets
27 February 2013, 15:43
The internet is a megapolis. And just like any big city, it has some wonderful places – and others where it’s dangerous to go. Places where no internet user wants to ever find themselves in include:
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