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April 2013
Yandex roots out malware on the router level with Yandex.DNS
4 April 2013, 13:31
Those of our users who take their internet safety for granted, can keep doing just that with our new internet security solution Yandex.DNS. The Domain Name System (DNS) structures information on the world’s interconnected computers by associating it with names – conventional webpage addresses for users and sequences of digits for computer programs – and continually running and updating a ‘catalogue’ of these names. This structure allows people to access webpages through their browsers. By having one’s own, customised DNS, a web user can choose which webpages can be in the scope of their browsing. With three security-level modes to choose from, Yandex.DNS installed on a personal computer, mobile phone or router lets users customise internet experience for each member of their family on each internet-connected device in their household. 
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Yandex Labs collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University to build a new personalized TV experience
9 April 2013, 13:41
At Yandex Labs, we had a chance to work on a 3-month practicum with students and Professor Ian Lane from Silicon Valley department of Carnegie Mellon University. The project was ambitious but also fun: we wanted to build a new TV experience - personalized and interactive. We developed an application for TV that shows personalized content on a TV screen and allows the users to easily manipulate and interact with the content using hand gestures. The app is still a prototype and is not available for download, but we made this video to share our ideas with you.
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