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Yandex Partners with Micromax, the 10th Largest Mobile Company, Heightens Device Differentiation with AI-Powered Yandex.Zen

Yandex.Zen, an AI-powered personally targeted content feed based on the interests of each individual end user, was built to help mobile users on the go and in the moment with contextually relevant information. Through partnerships with Yandex.Zen, smartphone manufacturers can provide this personalized experience for their users to set their devices apart.  Today we are glad to announce we are enhancing device differentiation for another global partner, Micromax Informatics, the world’s 10th largest mobile brand.

The AI and machine learning that powers Yandex.Zen provides smartphone users with suggested stories, articles and videos in their local language based on their personal tastes and choices through a user-friendly interface. The result is a superior end-user experience gained from a device that stands out from other Android devices.

Yandex.Zen will be incorporated into Micromax's AROUND experience, which integrates shopping, travel and food services in one window. Micromax, well-known as India’s largest mobile brand, helps users navigate a number of shopping and dining tasks on their devices. The Yandex.Zen integration brings an additional layer of personalization to the AROUND experience, delivering users contextually relevant information and entertainment content in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English.

By complementing the AROUND experience with Yandex.Zen, Micromax offers users with a truly comprehensive and empowering mobile experience. Yandex.Zen’s feed will run as a news category alongside the leisure category (where users can order food and comparison shop), and the travel categories (used for hailing taxis, checking transportation schedule, or booking accommodations. 

Artem Fokin, Yandex VP for Business Development, says of the partnership: “We are proud to be working with Micromax to help enhance the user interface of its devices through AI, for improved user experience and ultimately to achieve device differentiation within a crowded marketplace. Yandex’s software allows cult brands in the market to truly understand and engage with their consumers as the digital landscape continues to evolve.”

Mr. Rahul Sharma, Co-founder, Micromax Informatics echoed Fokin’s comments: “At Micromax, our emphasis is to drive innovations through software and services that simplify the user experience and create much values for them. A large chunk of our efforts are now  concentrated on introducing products and services which act as solutions to the needs of our customers, empowering them with the latest technological innovations and eventually becoming an extension of their lifestyle.” He continued, “Given the fact that, personalisation, flexibility and simplicity are key for consumer engagement, the partnership with Yandex will help our users stay updated with news and articles as a personal news feed and have an enriched device experience.”

Yandex’s expertise in machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence are key components for Yandex.Zen’s simplified end user experience that help partners like Micromax achieve its goals for customers. Yandex.Zen supports multiple integration options as a part of Yandex Browser or Yandex Launcher and as a separate SDK for third party deployment.

At Yandex we believe in delivering compelling customer experiences directly to our users through our suite of intelligent products or services as well as to our partner’s customers via mobile applications such as Yandex.Zen. We are proud to say the daily Yandex.Zen usage currently stands at 20 minutes per day, on par with the average time users spend on social networks. Over the past year, Yandex has expanded our reach, keeping users informed and entertained with personalized content on their devices and delivering high-quality software for our partners. Micromax is among a respected group of smartphone manufacturers benefiting from our global partnership program, including Wileyfox, ZTE, Posh mobile and others. We look forward to the positive impact of Yandex.Zen on Micromax devices and welcome new opportunities with global partners.

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