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Yandex Browser Gives Users Control Over Third-Party Cookies

Yandex has rolled out a feature that automatically blocks unauthorized third-party cookies and lets users manage their third-party cookies through a simple dashboard built into the Yandex Browser. The new feature enhances user privacy and grants users control over who they share their data with, while still allowing advertisers to reach their potential customer

Yandex Browser, first launched in 2012, is now available in 14 languages on all digital platforms and has a monthly audience of 35 million users on desktop and 37 million mobile users worldwide. The YTP feature is available on desktop as well as on mobile for Android devices.

The technology is called Your Tracking Protection (YTP) and it only allows third-party cookies from websites that are deemed trusted. These sites alone can show relevant ads or  use features provided by other parties, such as a sharing button or chat functionality. Third-party cookies from websites that users have never visited before are blocked by default. Previously visited websites are considered trusted though the user is able to change this setting at any time. Information about YTP can be viewed directly in the browser.  

Yandex Browser users will also be able to see which third-party trackers have been blocked or allowed automatically on any given website and choose to block or unblock any of them. The new feature is easy to use and gives users a full and transparent view of third-party cookies running on each website. 

Third-party trackers running on each website can be viewed by clicking on a counter on the right of the browser’s address bar.

Yandex Browser users can view which trackers have been blocked automatically and choose to unblock or block any of them temporarily or permanently.

At Yandex, we believe in creating solutions that benefit content creators and advertisers without compromising user privacy.  Web users should be able to see who can access their information and manage how it is used. Unauthorized sharing of data should be eliminated, but a blanket ban on all third-party cookies is a measure that may affect the whole ecosystem including users, publishers, websites and advertisers. Total blocking of third-party cookies will make it harder for advertisers  to target their desired audiences, while web users will be exposed to irrelevant ads. They  may also be unable to access multiple websites with the same login or share web content to social networks. The YTP technology strikes a balance between complete blocking of all third-party cookies, providing users with a safe and personal internet experience, while allowing advertisers to engage with potential customers. 

In addition to launching the YTP technology in Yandex Browser, we are also providing clients on our advertising platform with targeting opportunities that do not rely on third-party data, such as context-based targeting. 

We will continue to develop technologies and advertising solutions to ensure that advertisers and web users can interact safely and efficiently.