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Yandex Announces Its Second Conference on Education on November 10

The second Yandex conference on education, YaC/e, will take place online on November 10.

Education experts, practitioners and edtech market leaders will meet on the Yandex platform to talk about current trends in education and share their experiences. This event, designed for teachers, school and university administrations, parents, educational project founders, researchers and anyone interested in education, is an excellent opportunity for everyone to engage and learn.

This year’s conference will be hosted by Andrey Sebrant, Director of Strategic Marketing at Yandex, and Natalia Tsarevskaya-Dyakina, the founder and CEO of the edtech accelerator ED2.

Speakers at the YaC/e conference speakers will include leading education experts and edtech market players at the forefront of cutting-edge educational technologies, and those who fully understand learners’ needs and challenges. Their focus this year will be on: 

  • how people's desire to learn, create educational products or invest in education will affects the economy of the future;
  • how people choose a profession, what they expect from their education and how the demand for new courses, techniques and tools is shaping the market; and
  • the variety of training formats currently available on the market, including mathematical education that offers foundational skills for working in IT. 

Other speakers at the conference will include the science journalist and author Asya Kazantseva; the head of Yandex’s digital education platform, Practicum, Misha Yanovich; Skypro Managing Partner Alexander Laryanovsky; and Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering Sciences at the University of Auckland and a co-author of the self-help book and study guide for students Learning How to Learn.

Participation in the YaC/e conference is free and does not require registration. 

Save the date and join the live event online on November 10, 09:30 GMT+3!  

The first Yandex conference on education, YaC/ed, took place in Moscow in 2020. It focused on the role of technology and its accessibility in education. Its program included more than 30 talks and sessions by over 70 speakers from the leading businesses and top universities. The live event was watched by more than 30,000 viewers.