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New Search Traffic and Browser Usage Analytics Tool: Yandex.Radar

Yandex is proud to announce Yandex.Radar, a new analytics tool that provides the most accurate search engine and browser usage data available for the internet market in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Yandex.Radar allows webmasters to quickly and easily segment search engine and browser usage data by device type and operating system. For example, users can analyze Yandex Browser on different platforms.

Yandex.Radar originated out of Yandex.Metrica, the leading web analytics platform in Russia and the second largest web analytics platform in the world.  Yandex.Radar uses anonymised aggregated data from all sites with a Yandex.Metrica tag. Approximately 60% of websites with Yandex.Metrica installed do not have other analytics tools that provide publicly reported data. Yandex.Metrica’s exclusive coverage creates a rich and broad dataset that allows Yandex.Radar to provide unparalleled accuracy of the provided data.

With Yandex.Metrica installed on 67% of websites in Russia, Yandex.Radar can measure 78% of the Russian internet traffic. This additional data provided by Yandex.Metrica enables significant improvement in the accuracy of our measurements and reporting compared to the other providers. The next leading free web analytics platform can only measure 35% of the traffic of the Russian internet traffic.  

In order to further increase the accuracy of measurements, we carefully monitor traffic data nuances.  Data is adjusted for inaccuracies that appear as a result of various technological changes. For example, during the global transition to HTTPS encryption, we introduced a correction to compensate for some older browsers losing referrers of the traffic from HTTPS to HTTP.  

As an additional measure to ensure the highest possible accuracy and independence, we also exclude all traffic to Yandex sites, such as Yandex.News, Yandex.Market and Yandex.Maps. Yandex.Radar also uses sessions for its metrics rather than visitors because it results in a more accurate depiction of web usage.

This approach provides more accurate data for search and browser shares compared to other existing providers. For example, when comparing search engine market shares in Russia, there is a slight shift in share between search engines because of Yandex.Metrica’s larger and more accurate dataset.

Yandex.Metrica is very excited about the launch of this new tool and looks forward to adding new and additional features and functionality in the future.  Any questions about the data or tool can be sent to