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Yandex.Cloud and NAVER Business Platform Team Up on Cloud Services in Russia and South Korea

Today companies rely on cloud platforms to deliver their services around the world. For global companies, cloud platforms prove especially useful in navigating the challenges of launching in new countries.  We introduced Yandex.Cloud, our intelligent public cloud platform, to offer reliable solutions to local and international companies operating in the Russian market. 

We are thrilled to announce that we are building on that to offer even more opportunities for our customers.  Yandex.Cloud is teaming up with the NAVER Business Platform (NBP) to provide, develop, and promote cloud services in Russia and South Korea.  NBP is a global enterprise providing infrastructure, security, information processing, and cloud services from NAVER, one of South Korea’s leading tech companies. 

Together our services will help software companies and developers seamlessly expand into the Russian and South Korean markets. The partnership will enable NBP customers to quickly deploy their services in Russia on the Yandex.Cloud. Similarly, companies using Yandex.Cloud will be able to easily launch their digital products in South Korea on the NAVER Business Platform.  Customers who use the service will be fully compliant with local data storage regulations and have access to flexible customer service. Companies can get support directly from their "home" platform; Yandex.Cloud in Russia and NBP in South Korea.  

As part of the joint effort, Yandex.Cloud and NAVER Business Platform plan to also collaborate on data storage and data management technologies (including Yandex's proprietary database management system), internet security services, and online infrastructure technologies.

Companies can get started today by contacting customer support of the respective platforms. To learn more about Yandex.Cloud offerings, visit our website today!