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Choosing Yandex search on Android

Starting this month, Android users in Russia are presented with a choice screen in Chrome Mobile browser allowing them to select their preferred search engine.  Previously, Google search was the default search on Chrome on all Android devices; a different search engine could only be selected by accessing the application settings.  Now, with the most recent version of Chrome Mobile (v.60), users are prompted to select their default search engine when the Chrome app launches.  This is a huge milestone for Russian users and something we have been working towards for a long time.

Users are prompted via a new choice screen to select one of three search engines: Yandex, Google or when the updated Chrome Mobile app first launches:

Choice screen here has been translated into English for convenience

As one of the largest internet companies in Europe, and the leading search and mobile applications provider in Russia, access to platforms is critically important to Yandex.  We are excited that Russian consumers can now easily choose their preferred search engine on their Android devices.

Yandex has been the leading search provider in Russia for over 20 years.  We help mobile users when they are on the go by providing them with the highest quality and most relevant information.  We have built our search and other services with a total commitment to serving Russian users’ distinct needs.  As consumers are ever more dependent on their mobile devices for finding information about the world around them, we are excited that Russian users now can now easily choose the search provider best suited to their needs. 

Thanks for choosing Yandex over the years!  We look forward to continuing to help users better navigate the online and offline world!