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Yandex.Taxi and MTS Take Clients for a Supercar Ride

Yandex.Taxi, our cab-hailing service, has teamed up with MTS, one of Russia’s leading mobile providers, to give a few lucky Moscovites a chance to have a free ride in a luxury car.


For the three months starting in August, after making an order for a taxi through the Yandex.Taxi app or on the service’s website, a lucky customer in Russia’s capital has a chance to have a free ride to their chosen destination in one of four luxury cars – two Maserati Quattroportes, a Porsche Panamera or a Chevrolet Camaro. The journey will also be complemented with free high-speed WiFi 4G LTE service, courtesy of MTS.


The MTS-sponsored supercar ride ‘lottery’ is part of Yandex.Taxi’s regular service, which automatically picks the closest available taxi to client’s location and delivers a safe and comfortable cab to a client in about seven minutes on average.

Currently, Yandex.Taxi serves more than 630,000 taxi bookings in Moscow per month. In the three months of the duration of the ‘lottery', each supercar is expected to respond to about 17 cab requests per day, which gives a chance to approximately one in 300 Yandex.Taxi rides to be something special.