Yandex.Direct API

March 2020
Smart banners in the Yandex.Direct API
16 March 2020, 17:09

The smart banner format is an elegant and convenient Yandex.Direct solution for retargeting to generate more sales with pay-per-click ads and dynamic content. To make it easier for you to automate working with smart banners, now you can manage them in the Yandex.Direct API.

New additions to the API:

  • The Feeds service for managing feed files with product offers.
  • The SmartAdTargets service for managing targeting filters for smart banners.
  • Support for campaigns with the SMART_CAMPAIGN type in the Campaigns service.
  • Support for ad groups with the SMART_AD_GROUP type in the AdGroups service.
  • Support for ads with the SMART_AD type in the Ads service.
  • Support for creatives with the SMART_CREATIVE type in the Creatives service.
  • Support for bid adjustments with the SMART_AD_ADJUSTMENT type in the BidModifiers service.

You can read more about managing smart banners via the API in the documentation.

Business profiles in the Yandex.Direct API
25 March 2020, 14:55

Support for business profiles from Yandex Business Directory:

  • Added the Businesses service for getting the profiles of an advertiser's businesses.
  • Methods for the Ads service now have the BusinessId parameter for Text & Image ads.