Yandex.Direct API

February 2019
News for the Yandex.Direct API
4 February 2019, 18:35

The Campaigns service now supports priority goals for campaigns with the “Text & Image Ads” type: the addupdate and get methods have the PriorityGoals structure.

You can configure bid adjustments based on device type for groups of display ads in the BidModifiers service.

For smart banners there are some changes in statistics provided by the Reports service:

  • For campaigns with the SMART_BANNER_CAMPAIGN type, if at least one of the CriterionCriterionIdCriteria, or CriteriaId  fields is specified, or data is filtered by the SmartBannerFilterId field, or the CRITERIA_PERFORMANCE_REPORT type is selected, a dash will be shown in the Impressions and Ctr fields.
  • The ImpressionShare field can be specified in conjunction with TargetingLocationId and TargetingLocationName.