Yandex.Direct API

April 2019
Priority goals in statistics
9 April 2019, 11:27

The Reports service supports priority goals:

  • Added the Profit field.
  • The values of RevenueProfit, and GoalsRoi for priority goals are based on the conversion values specified in the campaign settings.
Turbo pages in the Yandex.Direct API: prepare your applications for upcoming changes
18 April 2019, 13:30

We recently launched Turbo pages for desktop. In many types of ads, the link to the site is now optional. The advertiser can choose to specify a Turbo page instead.

What is changing in the API

The Ads service will have a new field: TurboPageId. The TextAd structure will require only one of Href, VCardId, or TurboPageId.

The structures TextImageAd, TextAdBuilderAd, CpcVideoAdBuilderAd, and CpmBannerAdBuilderAd will require only one of Href or TurboPageId. This means that Href will be optional in the add method, and it will be nillable in the update and get methods. Please note: The get method may return nil (null) in the Href field (for example, if the advertiser deleted the main ad link). The application must correctly handle such a response.

The Sitelinks service will also have the TurboPageId field. The Sitelink structure will require only one of the Href or TurboPageId fields. In addition, the get method will have the new SitelinkFieldNames input parameter: use it to enumerate the field names of a sitelink that you want to get. In the response for the get method, the Href and Description fields will be nillable, so the application must also correctly process the nil (null) value in these fields.

There will be a new method for getting a list of the advertiser's published Turbo pages: TurboPages.get.

When to expect the changes

Support for Turbo pages will appear in the API in approximately two to three weeks. Please plan to update your applications. If you have any questions, please contact the Yandex.Direct API support team.