Yandex.Direct API

October 2018
Managing display campaigns in the Yandex.Direct API
10 October 2018, 20:56

Display campaigns are ideal for strengthening brand loyalty. They attract your target audience into the sales funnel, where you can then continue communicating with them via contextual ads and retargeting.

To make the entire ad purchasing process even easier, you can now manage your display campaigns in the Yandex.Direct API:

  • The Campaigns service supports a new campaign type — CPM_BANNER_CAMPAIGN.
  • The AdGroups service supports a new group type — CPM_BANNER_AD_GROUP.
  • The Ads service supports a new ad type — CPM_BANNER_AD. You can make or upload creatives in the web interface and then use them to create ads in the API.
  • You can now add keywords to a group of display ads using the Keywords service or by targeting user profiles via the AudienceTargets service.
  • You can set up a user profile using the RetargetingLists service: the profile is created as an impression criteria and an AUDIENCE type retargeting list.
  • You can get demographic or user interest-based segments via the Dictionaries service and use them in the profile.

Keep in mind that in order to get statistics for display campaigns, you must use the report type REACH_AND_FREQUENCY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT in the Reports service.

You can find more detailed information about managing display campaigns in the API in the documentation.

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API News: Video ads and much more
15 October 2018, 17:49

Video ads

Video ads can now be launched in Yandex.Direct not only as video extensions to text and image ads, but also as separate video ads. The Ads service has a new ad type for this purpose — CPC_VIDEO_AD.

Video ads can be placed in groups of text and image ads. To create or edit a video ad, pass the ad parameters in the CpcVideoAdBuilderAd structure of the add and update methods.

To learn more about working with video ads in the API, see the documentation.

Getting creatives

Creatives can only be created in the web interface. To get creatives designed in the Ad Builder, use the new Creatives.get method.

Differentiating overlapping keywords and eliminating duplicate keywords

The new KeywordsResearch.deduplicate method allows you to optimize a set of keywords:

  • Fix overlapping keywords that match the same search query. If two keywords differ by one word, a negative keyword is added to one of them. For example, the keywords fur coat and mink fur coat will be converted to fur coat -mink and mink fur coat.
  • Combine several keywords that differ only by negative keywords. The unified keyword contains the negative keywords from all the original keywords.
  • Discard keywords that cannot be saved due to errors.

You can use the method to input both keywords that already have an ID in Yandex.Direct or an external database, as well as new keywords without an ID. The method returns recommendations on which keywords to add, change, or delete. The response format is as close as possible to the request format for the add, update, and delete methods of the Keywords service.

For more information about the KeywordsResearch.deduplicate method, read the documentation.