Yandex.Direct API

November 2018
API version 4 and Live 4: support for units will be disabled
8 November 2018, 11:22

The process that began in 2013 of switching accounts over to actual currencies is now reaching completion. The majority of advertisers and agencies already run their ad campaigns in their payment currency, and soon the option to operate an account in units will be disabled.

During the transition period, several API methods have allowed applications to operate using units as monetary values, even in cases where the campaign and account operate using an actual currency. Beginning December 3rd, however, we will begin placing restrictions on these methods. Please make sure your applications are prepared for these changes.

Methods that will be completely disabled:

  • Version 4 methods: GetBalance, GetSummaryStat, CreateNewReport, CreateNewForecast, GetForecast, CreateInvoice, PayCampaigns, TransferMoney.
  • Version Live 4 methods: GetBalance (Live), GetClientInfo (Live), GetClientsList (Live).

Methods that will only work in the actual currency of the campaign or account:

  • Retargeting (Live), the Add, Update, Get operations
  • CreateInvoice (Live)
  • PayCampaigns (Live)
  • TransferMoney (Live)
  • AccountManagement (Live), the Deposit, Invoice and TransferMoney operations
  • CreateNewForecast (Live)
  • GetEventsLog (Live)

The Currency input parameter will be required for these methods. The parameter value should match the campaign or account currency for all methods except CreateNewForecast (Live) and GetEventsLog (Live).

Methods that will only generate statistics in the campaign currency:

  • GetBannersStat (Live)
  • GetSummaryStat (Live)
  • CreateNewReport (Live)

The Currency input parameter will be required for these methods if the campaign is run in an actual currency. You don’t have to indicate the Currency parameter (or you can pass NULL) for campaigns run in units that have been sent to the special archive.

These changes will not affect API version 5 methods because all these methods already accept and return monetary values in the advertiser’s currency.

Please note: to get statistics, or manage retargeting or clients, we recommend using the API version 5 methods. Read the Migration guide for more information about what methods you can use from version 5 and parameter equivalents in different versions.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the experts on the Yandex.Direct API support team.

API News: Behavioral segments in audience targets and more
14 November 2018, 15:23

Crypta segments are available for behavioral targeting of display advertising:

  • The RetargetingLists service supports using behavioral segments in audience targets based on user profiles.
  • The Dictionaries.get method returns behavioral characteristics in the AudienceCriteriaTypes reference list and behavioral segments in the AudienceDemographicProfiles reference list.

The Dictionaries.get method also returns the minimum and maximum CPM bids for display ads  in the Currencies reference list.

Added restriction: in an “Ads for mobile apps” campaign, all ad groups must have the same app link.

Changes to the currency list
29 November 2018, 19:54

Units are no longer used in Yandex.Direct, and all clients are now running their advertising campaigns in currencies.

In approximately one week, the Dictionaries.get method will stop returning data about units in the Currencies reference list:

  • The YND_FIXED currency will be removed from the reference list.
  • For the other currencies, the Rate and RateWithVAT parameters will not be returned.

Make sure that your applications are not using this data.

If you have any questions, please contact the Yandex.Direct API support team.