Yandex.Direct API

December 2018
Coming soon: changes in the reference list of regions
5 December 2018, 21:30

The Zabaikalsky administrative district and the Republic of Buryatia, which previously belonged to the Siberia federal district, are now part of the Dalnevostochny (Far East) district. In the near future, these administrative changes will be reflected in the reference list of regions returned by the methods Dictionaries.get (in API version 5) and GetRegions (in API version 4 and Live 4).

If your application does not support automatic updating of the reference list of regions, you will need to make changes manually. We will inform you when the updated reference list is available.

Changes in the reference list of regions
10 December 2018, 16:28

The reference list of regions has been changed. We recommend calling the Dictionaries.get method or the GetRegions method to get an updated list of regions.