Yandex.Direct API

April 2018
A new approach to setting bids: KeywordBids available for testing
12 April 2018, 14:03

Not long ago we published the documentation for the KeywordBids service in the open beta version of the Direct API. Now the service is available in the full version of the Direct API. You can begin testing your applications and get ready for the launch of the new bid setting interface in Yandex.Direct.

As you remember, prices in Yandex.Direct will soon be calculated not for positions, but for the traffic amounts that correspond to specific formats and places in which your ads can appear. This is a significant change, but not a reason to worry — it should make understanding prices in auctions easier. In any case, here are some answers to popular questions about the launch:

  • The auction and ranking on search will remain unchanged. Improving your ads’ CTR and relevance will still mean that you can get impressions in more noticeable positons and better CPC. The launch of the new interface will not push click prices higher or lower — pricing will remain unchanged. Click prices will be calculated according to the rules of the VCG auction, as they are now.
  • The new KeywordBids service offers more data including the full array of bids and CPC on search, as well as for impressions in expanded format. The more new formats and ad blocks appear on search results pages, the better KeywordBids will perform in comparison to other more outdated methods of calculating prices for positions.
  • The launch will neither disable the Bids service nor break your applications. The Bids service will be available during the transition period, giving you time to begin using the new service and change the logic used to set bids in applications. This means that for some time after the launch you will continue to see bids for positions in the new interface, allowing you to compare positions and traffic volumes in your own campaigns.

When to expect these changes

We are planning to update the bid setting interface in the last two weeks of April. Once we have a definite date, we will be in touch.