Yandex.Direct API

June 2017
Data for new Premium Placement positions
20 June 2017, 16:04

Support for new Premium Placement positions has been added to the Bids service. The AuctionBids array, returned via the Bids.get method, now features the element 'P14' (fourth position in Premium Placement) with the minimum bids and click prices for the extra ad. The SearchPrices array for Position="PREMIUMBLOCK" also gives the value 'P14' — the entry price for Premium Placement. Also the 'P14' has been added as the query parameter Position of the Bids.setAuto method.

Related keywords get even simpler
23 June 2017, 05:59

Managing your Related keywords and Additional relevant phrases is now even simpler — as of today, they have combined into one easy-to-use tool:

1. Changes to settings in the Campaigns service for impressions for related keywords in “Text & Image Ads” campaigns:

  • The BudgetPercent parameter in the RelevantKeywords structure supports any integer values from 1 to 100.
  • The Mode parameter in the RelevantKeywords structure is not supported and its value is ignored.
  • The ENABLE_RELATED_KEYWORDS setting in the Settings structure is not supported.

2. The Reports service has the new fields MatchedKeyword, Criterion, and CriterionId.