Yandex.Direct API

January 2017
Upcoming changes to minimum payment amount
19 January 2017, 20:02

In March, the minimum payment amount in Yandex.Direct will increase from 300 RUB to 1000 RUB (without VAT). To find out the minimum payment values for other currencies, please consult the table below.

Please note that this change only affects the minimum payment amount when you add funds to your account balance (for example, topping up your shared account, making credit transfers, or transferring funds between campaigns and clients). All other financial values, including your minimum CPC and minimum weekly budget, will remain unchanged.

The introduction of this new threshold can affect applications that perform financial operations using the Yandex.Direct API. Apps often use the minimum payment amount to allocate funds between Yandex.Direct and other advertising systems. Given that the minimum payment amount applies to each one of these operations, it is a good idea to begin preparing your applications for its implementation.

Currency:    New minimum  –  Previous minimum
Russian Ruble 1000 RUB w/o VAT – 300
Ukrainian Hryvnia 250 hryvnia w/o VAT – 80
Belorussian Ruble 30 – 9
Kazakhstani Tenge 5000 tenge w/o VAT – 1300
Turkish Lira 50 lira w/o VAT – 17
US Dollar 15 – 10
Euro 15 – 10
Swiss Francs 15 – 10
Yandex Units 15 with VAT – 10 with VAT

You will receive a reminder about these changes several weeks before they come into effect.

To find more detailed descriptions how to work with financial methods and shared account, please refer to the technical documentation.

Added support for the “rarely served” status
26 January 2017, 11:13
Added support for the “rarely served” status: the methods AdGroups.get, Keywords.get and Bids.get now have the request parameter ServingStatuses and the response parameter ServingStatus.

The following keyword data is unavailable in groups with the “rarely served” status:

  • StatisticsSearch and StatisticsNetwork in the Keywords.get method.
  • CompetitorsBids, SearchPrices, ContextCoverage, AuctionBids, MinSearchPrice, and CurrentSearchPrice in the Bids.get method.