Yandex.Direct API

February 2017
Added support for negative keywords
15 February 2017, 15:07

You can now add phrases 2-7 words (separated by spaces) in length to your campaigns and ad groups as negative keywords. Added support for negative keywords:

  • In the AdGroups service — in the NegativeKeywords ad group parameter.
  • In the Campaigns service — in the NegativeKeywords campaign parameter.
The CreateNewWordstatReport and CreateNewForecast (Live) methods now support negative keywords in the Phrases parameter.
Targeting by mobile app interests
28 February 2017, 19:23

You can now target mobile app ads by user interests in API version 5:

  • The Dictionaries.get method returns a reference list of mobile app categories to use as interests.
  • Methods of the AudienceTargets service now have the InterestId parameter (ID of an app category interest).
  • Added the InterestsChanged response parameter to the Changes.checkDictionaries method.