Yandex.Direct API

December 2017
Support for image ads that use creatives created in the AdBuilder
8 December 2017, 23:29

Next week the Ads service will support image ads that use creatives created in the AdBuilder.

We will add new subtypes of type IMAGE_AD: TEXT_AD_BUILDER_AD (a text and image ad) and MOBILE_APP_AD_BUILDER_AD (a mobile app ad).

How to work with new subtypes:

  • To create or edit an ad, pass its parameters in the TextAdBuilderAd or MobileAppAdBuilderAd structure for the add or update method.
  • To get the ad parameters, list the parameter names in the TextAdBuilderAdFieldNames or the MobileAppAdBuilderAdFieldNames input parameter for the get method.

You can create creatives in the Yandex.Direct web interface only. You can download the list of creatives with their IDs from the AdBuilder.

Please see more information about image ads that use creatives in the documentation.

Image ads that use creatives
15 December 2017, 13:47

The Ads service now supports image ads that use creatives created in the Ad Builder. We added new subtypes of IMAGE_AD type.

See more information about ad types in the documentation.