Yandex.Direct API

November 2016
The Clients service for getting client information
9 November 2016, 17:27

We’ve released the new service for getting client information — the Clients service for API version 5.

You can use the get method. An advertiser's representative can get the advertiser's parameters and personal settings. An agency's representative can get parameters for their client advertiser and the user settings for the username specified in the HTTP Client-Login header.

You can find more details about clients and roles of Yandex.Direct users in the documentation. See output client parameters in the method's documentation.

Disabling deprecated methods in API Live 4
25 November 2016, 11:55

As we continue to develop version 5 of the Yandex.Direct API, we are phasing out the previous API versions.

As you know, some of the deprecated methods in version 4 were disabled this summer, and the same methods were restricted to limited use in version Live 4. We are planning to completely disable these methods in the Live 4 version of the API on December 5.

Please see the full list of these API Live 4 methods below:

CreateOrUpdateCampaign (Live), GetCampaignsList (Live), GetCampaignsListFilter (Live), GetCampaignsParams (Live), GetCampaignParams (Live), DeleteCampaign (Live), ResumeCampaign (Live), StopCampaign (Live), ArchiveCampaign (Live), UnArchiveCampaign (Live), CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live), GetBanners (Live), DeleteBanners (Live), ModerateBanners (Live), ResumeBanners (Live), StopBanners (Live), ArchiveBanners (Live), UnArchiveBanners (Live), Keyword (Live), GetBannerPhrases (Live), GetBannerPhrasesFilter (Live), SetAutoPrice (Live), UpdatePrices (Live), GetChanges (Live).

Please note: If you are using the deprecated methods in your applications, you need to transition to version 5 of the API as soon as possible. Otherwise, your applications could lose API access.

See our Migration Guide for information on switching to version 5.