Yandex.Direct API

June 2015
API News
10 June 2015, 00:03

The RetargetingCondition (Live) and GetRetargetingGoals (Live) methods support Yandex.Metrica 2.0 segments, in addition to goals. The GetRetargetingGoals (Live) method has a new output parameter Type.

Introducing Yandex.Direct API Version 5
26 June 2015, 15:30

We’ve released the first methods for API 5 – our redesigned Yandex.Direct application programming interface.

API 5 is much more convenient and faster than previous versions. It will work as an add-on to the familiar API Live 4 for a year, so you will be able to use both old and new methods at once and seamlessly switch to the fifth version while optimizing your routine operations.

All new Yandex.Direct’s features will be supported in API 5. Now you can manage your bids, keywords, vCards, and sitelinks, as well as create ad groups and ads via the new API. You can learn about the other methods as they roll out from our news.

Key features:

  1. Dedicated web services for each object type. Each web service provides its own unified methods. This approach allows you to work only with the needed objects and parameters without passing unnecessary data, and easily embed new functions with backward compatibility.
  2. The system will provide comprehensive response per object. All operations now return the ID of every object and a detailed report on all the objects in the request. You can easily identify errors as well as which objects were successfully created or edited.
  3. Less restrictions and a more flexible point system. Now the number of requests per day per method is not restricted, so you can choose which methods to spend your points on. Points are now charged per operation and are calculated more precisely, so that you don't need to download and upload the entire campaign to make small edits anymore. Points are granted evenly throughout the day, rather than once a day. You can check the server response for how many points were spent on each operation and how many daily points remain.
  4. Unified objects and method names. Method and object names have been revised to meet best practices and flatten out the learning curve. For example, "Banner" is changed to "Ad", "Phrase" is now called "Keyword", and so on.
  5. Other changes based on user feedback. For example, we have implemented data paging, partial requests and other features suggested by developers.

Please read the documentation for API 5 – your feedback is highly appreciated. We’ll take all user feedback and suggestions into account.

The sunset for API Live 4 is scheduled for 2016, but we will be sure to let you know in advance. However, we recommend that you start learning API 5, since most of the new features that we are rapidly adding to Yandex.Direct will only be supported there.

API News
29 June 2015, 18:33

Added the OverdraftSumAvailableInCurrency output parameter (the overdraft limit that the client can use at the moment, shown in the client‘s currency) to the GetClientInfo (Live) and GetClientsList (Live) methods.