Yandex.Direct API

February 2015
News Digest
10 February 2015, 13:03

Added a limitation for the CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live) method: no more than 1000 ads per call.

All interaction with the API, including getting WSDL descriptions, is performed over the HTTPS protocol. HTTP access is forbidden.

Added the DisplayStoreRating client parameter to the GetClientInfo (Live) and UpdateClientInfo (Live) methods.

The price of units in euros, dollars, francs, tenge, and liras changed.

All changes: API 4 Live.

Direct API News
26 February 2015, 19:37

Added the Get operation to the Keyword (Live) method for getting keyword productivity values.

AutoBroker is always on for all phrases (4 and "Live 4" versions): The GetBanners, GetBannerPhrases, and GetBannerPhrasesFilter methods always return "Yes" in the AutoBroker parameter. Disabling AutoBroker is not supported: The CreateOrUpdateBanners (Live) and UpdatePrices methods ignore the AutoBroker input parameter.