Yandex.Direct API

Serving status for ad groups, keywords and bids in Yandex.Direct API

20 December 2016, 16:55

We’d like to let you know about the upcoming changes in our API.

By the end of January we are going to introduce a new Serving Status parameter with ELIGIBLE and RARELY_SERVED values. This Status highlights ad groups and targeting criteria with very low amount of impressions.

Here are details on upcoming changes:

  1. Method get of the AdGroups, Keywords and Bids services will return new “ServingStatus” parameter with ELIGIBLE and RARELY_SERVED values.
  2. Keywords and bids with “ServingStatus” parameter equal to RARELY_SERVED will not have or return null values in the following parameters: StatisticsSearch, StatisticsNetwork, CompetitorsBids, SearchPrices, AuctionsBids, ContextCoverage, MinSearchPrice, CurrentSearchPrice.
  3. The “ContextCoverage” parameter will always return “null” for search-only campaigns or campaigns that have “Separately manage bids on network and on search” option enabled in bid strategy settings.