Yandex.Direct API

Serving status for ad groups, keywords and bids in Yandex.Direct API

We’d like to let you know about the upcoming changes in our API.

By the end of January we are going to introduce a new Serving Status parameter with ELIGIBLE and RARELY_SERVED values. This Status highlights ad groups and targeting criteria with very low amount of impressions.

Here are details on upcoming changes:

  1. Method get of the AdGroups, Keywords and Bids services will return new “ServingStatus” parameter with ELIGIBLE and RARELY_SERVED values.
  2. Keywords and bids with “ServingStatus” parameter equal to RARELY_SERVED will not have or return null values in the following parameters: StatisticsSearch, StatisticsNetwork, CompetitorsBids, SearchPrices, AuctionsBids, ContextCoverage, MinSearchPrice, CurrentSearchPrice.
  3. The “ContextCoverage” parameter will always return “null” for search-only campaigns or campaigns that have “Separately manage bids on network and on search” option enabled in bid strategy settings.