Yandex.Direct API

News and upcoming changes to the Direct API

A long-awaited feature has come to the Reports service in the fifth version of the API: support for requests in JSON format.

We also added new methods to the AgencyClients and Clients services for editing parameters of agency clients and advertisers, editing settings of users representing advertisers (Clients.update, AgencyClients.add, AgencyClients.update). And the Campaigns service has disabled support for the ENABLE_BEHAVIORAL_TARGETING setting in the Settings structure (the “Do not consider user preferences” option).

We are continuing to gradually close the methods in the 4 and Live 4 versions of the API:

  1. In December of 2017 we plan to disable the following methods:
    UpdateClientInfo and UpdateClientInfo (Live), GetSubClients, GetClientsList and GetClientsList (Live), GetClientInfo and GetClientInfo (Live), CreateNewSubclient and CreateNewSubclient (Live), GetClientsUnits, RetargetingCondition (Live), Retargeting (Live).
  2. Statistics methods in versions 4 and Live 4 will be disabled in February of 2018:
    CreateNewReport and CreateNewReport (Live), GetReportList, DeleteReport, GetBalance and GetBalance (Live), GetSummaryStat (Live), GetBannersStat (Live).

If you use any of the methods that we are planning to disable, you should quickly transfer them to API 5. Otherwise, these applications can lose access to the API.

The documentation in the Migration Guide provides all the information about method and parameter equivalents in the API Live 4 and API 5 versions needed to correctly transfer your applications to the fifth version of the API.

We will inform you at each stop of the closing of these methods.