Yandex.Direct API

Attribution models and goals in Reports

In June we've added two new parameters to Reports: Goals (the Yandex.Metrica goal IDs to get stats for) and AttributionModels (the attribution models to use for calculating the goal data). The acceptable attribution model values are LSC (last significant click), FC (first click), and LC (last click).

We also changed how we calculate the ConversionRate value: now the number of converted sessions is divided by the number of clicks, instead of by the total number of sessions.

Our example shows you how to retrieve Yandex.Metrica data on selected goals with a specific attribution model.

Now the Reports service allows you to get stats for a goal. This service provides all the features of statistical reports that were available in previous versions of the API, so the statistical methods in API 4 and Live 4 will be deprecated in the near future.

Additional change: the setAuto method of the KeywordBids service has a new BidCeiling parameter for limiting the bid amount.