Yandex.Direct API

Сhanges to the Russian regions tree

In about a week, the geotargeting settings in Direct will be changed. The layout of areas in the Russian regions will be refined to specify districts and regions more accurately.

Due to changes in the Russian geo-tree structure, the parent region IDs of cities in the API are also going to be changed. For example, new ParentID for Balakovo will be “Balakovsky District” instead of the current “Saratov and oblast”. And Balakovsky District itself will already have “Saratov and oblast” in its ParentID.

Updates to the regions tree will cause changes in the geo database returned by the GetRegions (or GetRegions (Live)) method. If your application does not support automatic updates for the geo-tree, you will need to make these changes manually when the new data becomes publicly available. You will be notified again once the update is possible.

After the launch, the statistics at the regional level will display data for each district. At the same time, statistics for previous periods will not change.