Yandex.Direct API

New campaign management service and support for ads for mobile apps

Good news for all Yandex.Direct users: today both a new service for managing campaigns has been added to version 5 of the API, and support for Direct’s new ads for mobile apps format has been launched.

Service for managing ad campaigns

Managing your ads at the campaign level is now possible in API 5 thanks to the Campaigns service which supports all features of the new version of the programming interface and allows you to:

  • Use a unified set of methods. The names of methods show which action will be performed with the campaign. For example: add, update, get, suspend, archive, and so on.
  • Apply per-object processing. WWhen passing an array with campaigns, you can view results for all objects of a query — even the errors.
  • Filter data flexibly and determine which set of campaign parameters you need to get in the request results.
  • Optimize request execution with a large number of campaigns with the help of paginated selection.

In the “Migration guide” you will find all the necessary information on method equivalents and campaign parameters for API version Live 4 and API 5.

Support for ads for mobile apps

With the launch of API 5 comes new data formats for Ads for Mobile Apps campaign types. Methods in the Ads and AdGroups services have also been modified to support Ads for Mobile Apps.

It is important to note that the selected campaign type (“Text & Image Ads” or “Ads for Mobile Apps”) uniquely determines the corresponding type of ad groups. They have some parameters in common, but are also different, such as the list of strategies available. Please do not forget to factor in this feature while working.

More details about the new data types for Ads for Mobile Apps can be read in the documentation.