Your location

Forecast for my city

The region you are located in is determined automatically.

There are two ways you can find out the forecast for your exact location.


On the homepage of the service, click My location to the right of the city. The service will determine your exact coordinates and show the forecast for that location.

When the screen displays the forecast for your location, you'll see the geolocation icon to the right of its name.

Attention. If you are using the location function for the first time, the browser will ask for permission to determine your location for the website Allow it to determine your location: Yandex Weather will use this data to make the most accurate weather forecast possible.

Enter the name of the city on the settings page.

The city that you have manually selected is saved in cookies. If you always see a different city instead of the one selected manually, this means that the cookies are cleared from your browser. Allow saving cookies in the browser settings. You can find out how to do this in Accepting cookies.

For more information about how websites determine your location, see Your location.

Forecast for another city

To get a forecast for another city, enter its name in the search bar.

Then, under the forecast for 10 days, you can additionally select a location from the Weather in other cities section and see the forecast for that location.

To select a city in a different country, click the Worldwide button in the Weather in other cities section, select the country, and then select the city from the list.