Comments on issues

You can use comments to leave notes, clarify the issue, or ask colleagues to join the discussion.


If you keep all your discussions about an issue in the comments section, you will always have access to the full history of what was discussed.

Leave a comment

To comment on an issue, enter text in the box at the bottom of the page. In the comments section, you can use wiki markup and attach images and files.

Reply to comments

To reply to someone's comment, click on it and click Reply.

Edit comments

  1. Click the comment you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Make your changes and then click Save.

All changes to comments are stored in the History.

Invite to comment

To invite other users to discuss the task:

  1. Click above the comment field.

  2. Enter the login or name of the user you want to invite in the comments. You can invite multiple users at once.

  3. Enter the comment text.

  4. Click Submit.

Send comments to external user

Restriction. Comments can only be sent to external users if the queue settings allow it.

If external users are involved in the work on an issue, you can email them messages directly from the issue page. The message text is attached to the issue as a comment.

To send an email from the issue page:

  1. Click Email on the bar under the issue title.

  2. Select who to send the message on behalf of:

    • The queue address — Replies to this email will be added to the issue as comments.

    • Your personal address — Replies to this email will be sent to your mailbox.

  3. Enter the recipients and the text of the message.

  4. Click Submit.

Share a comment

You can share a direct link to a specific comment with colleagues. To get the link, click on the date in the top right corner of the comment and copy the contents of the browser address bar.

Use templates

Create a template

If you frequently leave similar comments, make a template for them. You can create a template on the special page or from the comment text:

  1. Enter the comment that you want to make a template.

  2. Click .

  3. Choose Create template from this comment from the drop-down list.

  4. Enter a name for the template.

  5. If you want the template to only be available in this queue, select the option Bind template to queue.

  6. Click Create.

Use a template

To create a comment from a template:

  1. Make sure that the comments field does not contain any text.

  2. Click .

  3. Select a template from the drop-down list and click Choose.

  4. If necessary, edit the comment. To publish it, click Submit.

Create an issue based on a comment

If the discussion of an issue leads to creating a new issue, you can create it directly from the comment:

  1. Click the comment that the new issue will be based on.

  2. Click Create issue and choose the type of relationship between the two issues.

  3. Fill in the fields as usual when creating an issue.

  4. Click Create.