Number of users Monthly cost   per person, ₽
1 — 5 Free
6 — 1093
11 — 100209
101 — 500163
501 — 200081
First 30 days are free
It takes time to get used to new tools. That’s why all Yandex.Tracker features are free for first month.

Companies with 2000+ staff
Companies that are over a certain size are priced separately. Contact us.

Cost-effective and simple

No overpayments

Monthly payments based on the number of users.

Flexible pricing

Get an updated rate each time you change the number of users connected to Yandex.Tracker.

Easy to start

Add and remove users individually or in groups (teams, departments, etc.).
All prices include VAT. Learn more about pricing and discounts here.

Tracker and Connect

Already using the Yandex.Connect package of services? You can activate Yandex.Tracker via the administrator settings. Yandex.Tracker is available as part of any service package for an additional fee.
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