Get a quick idea of how to organize your work with Yandex.Tracker in the video above, and then scroll down for more detailed explanations of its main functions. The best way to find out if Yandex.Tracker is right for you is to try it out for yourself. You can access a trial version of Yandex.Tracker for the first two months absolutely free.
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Order and structure

Visibility and control

Dashboards and statistics

You can make work processes visual and more organized with the use of dashboards. A manager can collect information about the work of all teams involved in a project, while an assignee has a list of their issues with deadlines and priorities. In addition, every department queue has its own page with statistics reflecting its workload.

Speed and efficiency

Templates for issues and comments

In Yandex.Tracker you can create templates with descriptions of typical issues. This saves time when creating routine issues and, if a new user joins the issue, the template will remind them of the necessary details. Templates are also useful in comments such as for frequently asked questions, providing instructions or posting a checklist of required documents.

Safety and convenience