What sets Yandex.Tracker apart from the competition?

Unified space

There are many good tools for organizing work processes – one for development, another for design, yet another for HR, purchases, and so on. Unfortunately, these are all separate tools. So when, for example, designers and developers at one company need to do something together, work switches to email and messengers where there’s a common communication space for all involved, but such a space is not suitable at all for synchronizing work. It becomes difficult to trawl through a history of correspondence to find the right decisions or documents, especially if there are multiple communication channels involved. Yandex.Tracker is helpful because it is suitable for managing practically any process, which means that all departments of a company can work with one tool in an orderly fashion and in a common space.

Access rights

If Yandex.Tracker is a common workspace for everyone, then what about departments that have to work with confidential information? This is easily solved with the help of flexible access rights settings. You can restrict access to queues belonging to a particular team or whole department from everyone else in the company. At the same time, if you want to give a user from another department access you can – both to the hidden queues, or only some issues of a particular type.

Stress tested

Not all project management tools can withstand the amount of issues that large organizations have to contend with. Companies often have to use two identical but isolated systems to distribute workload. Yandex.Tracker suffers from no such problems as it was originally designed for high loads. At Yandex alone more than six thousand employees have helped fine tune Yandex.Tracker in real working conditions, and it has handled over eight million issues before being introduced to the market.


Can I try using Yandex.Tracker for free?

Yes, there’s a trial period of two months starting from the moment you register. We think this is enough time to get a feel for how Yandex.Tracker changes your workflow as well as become accustomed to all its various statistics and tools that initially serve little function until you have accumulated enough data.

Can I host Yandex.Tracker in my own data center?

No, because Yandex.Tracker is a cloud-based tool on Yandex’s servers. The benefit of this is that we can ensure the smooth operation of Yandex.Tracker. You will also not have to be concerned about the safety of your data as backups of it will be stored in several data centers. In addition, you can use the Yandex.Tracker API to copy information onto your own servers.

Do you have an API?

Yes, it’s possible to integrate Yandex.Tracker with other systems such as automating the processes associated with the creation, mass editing or searching of issues according to parameters; setting specific rules for the processing of certain actions, and even creating browser extensions to work with Yandex.Tracker. You can read the documentation and how to get access to the API here: tech.yandex.com/connect/tracker.

Can I create backups of my media?

Yes, by using the API

Our organization uses a different project management tool. How can we transfer issue data to Yandex.Tracker?

You can use the API to transfer this data. Coming soon, you will also be able to transfer this data in CSV format.

Will there be a mobile app?

An English-language version of Yandex.Tracker for iOS and Android is currently in development.

What is Yandex.Connect, and do I need it to use Yandex.Tracker?

Yandex.Connect  is a suite of tools that includes a domain-based email, a messenger, cloud storage for documents and a collaborative database that accumulates company employee knowledge similar to Wikipedia. In other words, it is a prepared infrastructure helps you communicate and work together. Both Yandex.Connect and Yandex.Tracker use the same platform to manage their accounts. Therefore, if after using Yandex.Tracker you wish to try out Yandex.Connect’s other products, your employees will already be in the system, meaning you will not have to rebuild the structure of teams and departments from scratch.
Fri Aug 03 2018 16:38:38 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)