Using an RSS feed

Yandex Zen uses other websites for sources. Each source is automatically assigned its own page that uses the format Such a page is filled in with content taken from a website based on Zen recommendation algorithms. You can embed a marked up RSS feed to the website to optimize the selection process.

Add the site to the list of Zen sources. For more information, see Adding websites to Yandex Zen.

  1. Why you should mark up your feed
  2. RSS feed requirements
  3. Send a moderation request

Why you should mark up your feed

Advantages of a marked up RSS feed:

  • No unnecessary information (such as user profiles or ads) is parsed into the Zen feed from outside sources.
  • In Yandex Zen, all content taken from a website is displayed as cards. Marking up your RSS feed allows you to customize your card's appearance: set its headline, description, and image.
  • This will make it easier for you to find your audience. Having a lot of data about content helps Yandex Zen algorithms display it to the right audience. Always make sure to add the posting date, the full text, and the links to all the uploaded images to the RSS feed.

RSS feed requirements

  • Marked up perfectly.
  • It should include at least three posts, each of which must be uploaded less than a month ago (provided they weren't already published earlier).
  • It should only contain new publications. A publication is considered old if it's already been published on Zen via an RSS feed. Don't add duplicate publications to the feed.
    Attention. The feed must contain at least 20 publications after the first mark-up.

Send a moderation request

To link an RSS feed to a website, do the following:

  1. Make sure that your RSS feed is well-formed in accordance with Zen requirements. You can do this yourself or ask the website owner for help.
  2. Submit your request using the form below.

    Moderators will then receive and review your request. If your request meets all the requirements, content from the website will be parsed into Yandex Zen.

    Attention. Update your RSS feed at least once every three days after enabling it.