Content requirements

  1. Gambling
  2. Detailed accounts of tragic events
  3. Deliberate misinformation
  4. Borrowed content
  5. Banned products and services
  6. Clickbait
  7. Lotteries and promotional events
  8. Medicine and pharmacy
  9. Illegal information
  10. Insults and verbal abuse
  11. Explicit content
  12. Spam
  13. Products and services that are bad for health
  14. Partial content
  15. Shocking content
  16. Hate speech and advocacy of violence
  17. Other requirements

Yandex Zen has particular standards when it comes to content quality and subject matter. Content that abides by our requirements will be placed in the Zen recommendations feed with no restrictions. Gross violations will lead to your content not being promoted, and your website may end up being blocked in the Zen feed.


Gambling implies games that include bets and a promise of future remuneration in the form of money or items (such as placing wagers or playing in an online casino). Such activities come with certain risks and may cause financial or emotional harm.

Content that solicits readers to partake in gambling or tries to engage them in such activities (whether directly or indirectly) is banned in Yandex Zen.

Detailed accounts of tragic events

We don't want content creators to capitalize on tragic events as a means to bolster user engagement. Such content is only permitted on condition that there are substantial grounds for describing events in detail and proper context is provided. Not all users want to engage with content that can elicit strong negative emotions.

Deliberate misinformation

Deliberate misinformation includes impersonating another person, posting hoaxes, some types of clickbait headlines, etc.

Borrowed content

If your content includes images and videos created by other people, please make an effort to credit the original creators if possible. If you're quoting someone else, please put the citation in quotation marks and indicate who the quote belongs to. Such content shouldn't make up the larger part or the entirety of your channel. Each publication must stand on its own and be beneficial to users as is.

We regularly check content for originality and review copyright infringement reports.

Banned products and services

A product is considered banned if any acts involving it are prohibited or restricted by law (illegal drugs, psychoactive substances, weapons, explosives, and so on). A service is considered banned if providing it is prohibited or restricted by law (selling drugs, human trafficking, and so on).

Content with direct or indirect calls to action is banned in Yandex Zen.


Clickbait is a Yandex Zen publication card that betrays the readers' expectations.

Lotteries and promotional events

Lotteries and promotional events include competitions, games, and other activities which require buying a certain product to participate (such as a lottery ticket). Such activities come with certain risks and may cause financial or emotional harm.

Content that solicits readers to partake in lotteries and promotional events or tries to engage them in such activities (whether directly or indirectly) is banned on Yandex Zen.

Medicine and pharmacy

Content from the Medicine and pharmacy category is prohibited on Yandex Zen in the following cases:

  • it's an advertisement or a promotion for a product or service
  • it specifies dosages for medicine and pharmaceutical products

  • it encourages readers to use medical services or take pharmaceutical products without medical consultation

  • it details and sequences surgical procedures and medical treatment methods

  • it doesn't remind users about mandatory medical consultation

Illegal information

We don't want users to use Zen publications to break or circumvent law. Yandex Zen prohibits posting the following content:

  • calls to illegal action or potentially dangerous activities
  • content that violates users' rights
  • illegal content
  • content that encourages users to take part in activities that may put their life or health at risk

Insults and verbal abuse

Yandex Zen users have the right to express their opinion, even if it's an unpopular one. We ask users to respect each other and avoid using rude language and in comments, as it may offend others. Even if you disagree with someone or dislike them, this is no reason to resort to such inappropriate behavior.

Explicit content

Yandex Zen bans publications that explicitly promote sexual content and exploit interest in sex.


Information that's unrelated to the publication and is spread among users in an unsolicited manner is considered spam.

Products and services that are bad for health

Products and services considered harmful to people's health include alcohol, tobacco products, heat-not-burn products, nicotine and nicotine-free e-cigarettes, and other products and activities related to alcohol and tobacco consumption.

Yandex Zen allows posting about such products and services for purely educational purposes provided the publication informs users of the dangers of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Such content must not directly or indirectly arouse users' interest in such products (for example, by describing positive sensations associated with tobacco or alcohol consumption), or contain advertising materials, including native advertising.

Partial content

Partial content means incomplete publications or publications with restricted access. To read them, users must click on a link to go to an external site, another Yandex Zen post, a video, and so on. Examples of restricted access:
  • Having to sign up or pay in order to read the full article.
  • The website section parsed for the RSS feed is locked.

Shocking content

Shocking content includes the following descriptions or images:
  • victims of accidents and violence (people or animals)
  • displays of trauma, illness, deformities, or dead bodies
  • detailed display of labor and delivery
  • images of insects or animals that people find repulsive.

Hate speech and advocacy of violence

These are any verbal or artistic means intended to promote hate speech, including negative statements and calls to discrimination and violence against people or groups of people based on a particular trait, such as:

  • affiliation with a particular social group
  • race or nationality
  • sexual orientation and gender identity
  • age
  • political views
  • faith or any other trait

Such content is strictly prohibited in Yandex Zen.

Other requirements

You can find all other requirements in the Yandex Zen Terms of Use.