Creating postings

Requirements for postings

Content posted to Yandex Zen may not include any of the following:

  • Someone else's content published under your own brand such as text, images, videos and so on.
  • Offensive language and defamation.
  • Material containing hate speech.
  • Deliberately false information.
  • Incitements to violence.
  • Advertisements of or information about the sales of narcotics, weapons or other forbidden items.
  • Material belonging to the Medicine and pharmaceuticals category, which:
    • are of an advertising nature and/or promote certain goods and services
    • contain specific dosage instructions for medicines and pharmaceutical products

    • encourage the reader to apply for (use) medical services and pharmaceutical products without consulting a doctor

    • contain information about the details and sequences of operating procedures and treatment methods

    • do not contain a warning about mandatory consultation with a specialist

  • Spam, including spamdexing and link spam.
  • Material posted for the sole purpose of forcing a user to click on a link to an external site.
  • Headlines that create false expectations about the content of an article (so-called clickbait).
  • Material containing profanity (including censored language), jargon or colloquialisms in the preview of the content, which is made up of the title of the content, its short description, and the image or freeze-frame of a video clip.
  • Material containing shocking content.
  • Pornography
  • Explicit content. Content describing sexual activities or containing erotic images and videos Exceptions are educational and scientific materials, as well as works of classical literature.
    Note. The display of explicit content is automatically restricted so as not to recommend “adult” content to minors as well as to anyone who does not want to see erotic content in their Yandex Zen feed.
  • Other content that may not be posted under the Terms of Service.

A channel or source will be automatically restricted or blocked for failing to comply with the content requirements listed above. If you notice a sharp drop in page views, it is likely your content is not complying with requirements.

Creating a posting

Currently Zen displays postings from two independent sources:

  • Zen Editor. You can use the Editor to create postings that contain text, images, and video. Texts can be formatted. Select the desired fragment, and a formatting panel with the available formatting tools will appear on the screen.
  • Site. Zen analyzes the content of sites and posts links to content of interest to users in the feed. In order to make the results more accurate, link the RSS feed for your site to Zen. If your site does not have a RSS feed, the robot will analyze the site's content directly. However, Zen may mistakenly link to announcements or user profiles.

Postings that are created manually in the Editor are ranked higher than those originally published on third-party sites.

Can I edit and delete content after it is posted?

  • You can edit or delete postings that are created in the Editor.
  • Postings that are posted in an RSS feed can be edited on the source site. You can not delete any recommendations that are connected with them from Zen.

How does Zen determine who to display my postings too?

Zen uses data on user behavior on the internet to generate a recommendations feed, including what sites users visit and how they rate articles and videos. Users can also subscribe to channels that interest them and influence the contents of their feed using the More like this and Less like this buttons.