Create and configure a channel

How do I create a Yandex.Zen channel?

To create your channel in Yandex.Zen, you just have to sign up for the service. You can sign up for Zen using your Yandex or social network account.

Can I link my Zen channel to my personal Yandex account?

Yes, and this option makes the most sense if you have a private channel and only use it to post your own publications.

If you are employed by a certain publication or company, register for a separate Zen account on Yandex and share it with your colleagues. Make sure you link your phone number to your account. This will help restore access in case something happens to your account.

Can a business register for a Zen account?

No. Currently, only individuals can create a Zen account.

Can I link several Yandex accounts to one Zen account?

Currently, you can only link one Yandex account to a Zen account.

How do I transfer channel ownership?

We can transfer old publications to a new account if we receive a written request from the person whose name was indicated on the channel registration application. Send your request to Yandex.Zen customer service:

How do I change my channel's URL?

Every channel is assigned a unique URL automatically during registration. If you want to change it, send an email to Zen customer service:

How do I get to my channel settings?

To get to your settings, click the settings button in the upper-left corner of the Editor.

You can use the settings to change your channel name, description, logotype and email address where your notifications of channel events are sent.

Logotype requirements:

  • PNG, JPG, BMP or SVG format
  • 1:1 (square) aspect ratio
  • Width: 156 pixels or more, height: 156 pixels or more
  • No animations

Logotype preferences (not requirements):

  • Non-transparent background (otherwise the background will be selected automatically and it may negatively affect the logotype's appearance)
  • No inscriptions (which may be difficult to read when scaled)