Terms and Definitions

CTR (Click-Through Rate)

The ratio between the number of card clicks and the number of its shows in the Yandex Zen feed.

DAU (Daily active users)

The number of unique users who visit your website each day.

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names)

The domain name that contains non-English characters (e.g. яндекс.рф).

UGC (User-generated content)

Content created by users who visit your website (e.g. comments and product reviews).


Website or RSS feed parsed by Yandex Zen for articles.


A Yandex Zen page where creators post their content.

Only available in Russian.


A publication's summary displayed in the recommendations feed. It consists of a title, short description, and a thumbnail (a shot from the embedded video or an original image). Clicking the card sends the user to the full version of the publication hosted on the creator's channel or source website.


Clickbait is a Yandex Zen publication card that betrays the readers' expectations.

Recommendations feed

Yandex Zen recommendations list Generated for each individual user based on their interests and continuously updated to reflect any changes.

“Adult” content
These publications or their cards include erotic content and try to attract users' attention with suggestive imagery.
Medicine and pharmacy

Medicine or health supplements, medical services and products, traditional medicine techniques, methods of preventive care, diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent recovery.

Show limits

The consequence of the violating the rules.


Readers who subscribe to channels and sources to keep track of new content in their personal feed.


Content posted on Yandex Zen. Publications are parsed from websites and displayed in Yandex Zen via RSS feeds.


Information promoted to users in an unsolicited manner.

List of Channels

This list contains all the channels that meet Zen requirements. The channels in the list are sorted by their audience. The wider the audience, the higher the channel's ranking in the list.

Tap All Zen channels in the lower right corner of the website to view the list.

Shocking content

Content that might scare or shock users.

Hate speech

Verbal and artistic means intended to express hate.