Reporting a violation

Yandex Zen is a platform that hosts content available to all users. Zen content is not reviewed by moderators before it's posted. We urge content creators to follow our User agreement and comply with the rules for posting content.

We realize that less responsible users may violate both our internal rules and the law, and do everything we can to stop any violations we're aware of. Our company has adopted standard procedures for processing reports and complaints from third parties whose rights have been violated with the use of our services. You can report content if you believe it violates your rights or is against the law.

If you believe that some content posted on Zen violates your rights, you can try reaching out to its creator directly. Sometimes this can be enough to resolve the problem.

If the situation calls for direct involvement by the administration team, please familiarize yourself with the section's other content first before reporting.

Attention. Please don't submit false reports. Try to make sure that the controversial content you encountered actually violates your rights. If you're not sure if your rights have been infringed upon and in what way, it's a good idea to consult a lawyer first.
  1. How reports are processed
  2. List of possible violations

How reports are processed

After we receive a report from a user, we review the claim and block all reported content if there is sufficient legal ground. If the uploader of the controversial content in question specified their contact information when they signed up, we will also send them a message, notifying them that their content has been blocked due to a report. In the event of repeated violations, Yandex reserves the right to delete the accounts of responsible parties a the company's discretion.

The reported user may either delete the controversial content or file a cross-statement if they believe uploading the content is within their rights and they are ready to defend against the report. The reported user must either file their cross-statement personally in any of the Yandex offices, or send it via snail mail with a notarized signature. If no counter-statement is filed, the content in question will remain blocked and eventually be automatically deleted.

Both the report and the counter-statement must include all the necessary information that can identify their respective parties as well as provide their contact information.

Having received a counter-statement, we send the information that can help solve the issue to both parties and grant them access to the controversial content in question. If we then receive documents that substantiate the report, we will block all the content in question.

List of possible violations

Choose your issue from the list below File your report using the corresponding form. This will enable us to review your report in a timely manner.

This content infringes on my copyright

This content contains pornographic material or ads for sexual services

This content contains my personal data or photo

The content is offensive or defamatory

Content contains information about the manufacture or sale of weapons or drugs

Other kind of unauthorized content

To learn more about the Yandex Zen terms of service, read the Legal documents section.