Leave a tip on credit card payments

Note. Cashless payments for rides are not yet available in some regions.

Even if you pay for your trip with a bank card, you can still leave a tip for the driver:

  • To set a single tip amount for all trips, go to the app menu  → Payment methods → Default tip.
  • To set or change the tip amount for one trip, use the form that opens in the app at the end of your trip.

A tip is withdrawn automatically if you give a positive rating to the driver within 30 minutes of the end of your trip and tap Done (or just close the rating screen).

If you give a trip a positive rating but don't tap Done (or don't close the rating screen), the tip amount will be reserved on your card for 24 hours. You can change the tip amount during that time. The amount you indicate will be withdrawn in 24 hours.