How ride cost is calculated

Information about the current prices can be found on the pricing page.

When you place an order on the site or via the iOS (versions 3.50 and higher) or Android (versions 3.15 and higher) app, an upfront fare is calculated that includes special conditions for the region. In apps running on other versions of your phone's mobile OS, you will get an approximate fare.

The ride fare is calculated based on the service class you chose, any you made, distance to your destination, time en route, traffic, and weather conditions.

Your upfront fare will not increase, even if you end up in an unforeseen traffic jam or the driver has to alter the route. Your fare can only be recalculated if you exceed the free waiting period, change the final destination, or ask the driver to make a stop on the way.

Note. In some areas, there is no fixed fare option. Instead, an approximate fare will be calculated.

In such areas an estimated fare will be displayed at the start of the ride (it is usually expressly indicated with a specific icon and and is provided only if you have indicated the pick up and destination locations); the final fare for the ride may differ from the estimated fare.

If you didn't indicate your destination when you placed your order, the screen will display the minimum pickup fare for your chosen service class. In this case, the final cost will be calculated at the end of your ride.