Traffic and memory usage

Device memory

How much space do I need to install the app?

The free space that's required for installation may vary depending on the app version. You can see the exact data in the app description in the official store:

Note. Different operating systems and their versions have their own requirements for free space in the device memory. That's why in some cases the operating system may block the installation of the app if it thinks that after installing there won't be enough memory for your device to run as normal.
How do I install the app on my SD card?
You can't install the app on an SD card.
Why does the app take up a lot of space?

As the app works, it saves your search queries, Yandex.Maps data, and Yandex.Transport data. That's why the amount of memory that it uses may increase over time. You can reduce it by deleting the downloaded maps and browser cache in the app settings.

Internet data

Many app features require an internet connection, such as searching for information, talking to Alice, listening to the radio, watching videos, and updating widgets.

If you notice that the app is using more internet data than usual, and the app's terms of use haven't changed, contact support.