Yandex services use push notifications to send different helpful messages, such as weather warnings, traffic data, and Yandex.Market offers.

View notifications

If you missed a notification, you can view it later. To do this, tap in the upper-left corner.

Unread notifications are highlighted blue. To mark a notification as read, tap  → Mark as read to the right of it.

Enable or disable notifications

To configure notifications:

  1. In the upper left corner, tap .
  2. To the right of Notifications, tap  → Settings.
  3. Switch off the notifications you don't want to receive.

Why don't I receive notifications

To receive notifications, allow them in your device's system settings and in the app settings.

Check whether permissions are granted:

  • In the app settings: Push notifications.
  • In the device settings: In the list of installed apps, tap “Yandex” and make sure that Notifications are on.