Deleting personal data

For your convenience, the Yandex app saves certain data. This can include autofill data or URLs of visited pages. You can delete this data.

  1. At the bottom, tap  → .
  2. Tap Clear data.
  3. Enable the necessary options:
    • History: Addresses of your visited pages.
    • Search history on server: A list of your search queries.
    • Website data: Cookies (which can store things like your username, password, or information about products that you added to the cart).
    • Cache: Copies of data from pages that you visited (such as music, videos, images, and scripts).
    • Warnings for sites: If a site asks permission to perform an action (for example, running a plugin) and you select Always for this site, this action is performed by default in the future. After you clear the warning list, sites ask for permissions again.
    • Downloads: A list of files downloaded through the app.
    • Open tabs: Tabs opened in the app.
  4. Tap Clear data.

Afterwards, this data will be deleted on the current device. If syncing is enabled, this data will be deleted from all your devices after a short while.