About the Yandex Start app

The Yandex Start app has everything you need on a single screen: the Smart camera, Yandex Translate and, of course, search. The app can understand speech, search for images, read QR codes, answer popular questions, and provide quick access to all Yandex services.

How the Yandex Start app is different from the “Yandex” app

The Home screen features dzen.ru with Yandex Zen and Yandex News as the start page. You can change it in settings to any other page.

How Yandex app is different from Yandex Browser

  • You can access all Yandex services quickly.
  • You can control your devices and your smart home.
  • There's the Caller ID.

To report problems with the Yandex Browser mobile app, use a special feedback form.

If you have a question about Yandex Station, write to a special chat.
If you have questions about the Yandex Plus subscription, write to a special chat.

To report problems with the mobile Yandex Start app, use a special form.