Browser (classic interface)

Site security indicators

Icons in the SmartBox show you how safe sites are:

  • — The website uses a protocol (HTTPS) to securely transfer your data and the website has a valid SSL extended validation (EV) certificate. In this case, the domain name is also shown in green.
  • — The website uses the HTTPS protocol, but the certificate is less secure than EV.
  • — The website uses the HTTPS protocol and the site has a valid EV certificate, but nonsecure elements are loaded on the page.
  • — The security of data transfer is doubtful. This icon might appear if the page has a form that sends data over the HTTP protocol without encryption, or if the publisher of a locally installed certificate is unknown to Yandex, or if a site loads over HTTPS but it has images that load over an unsecure protocol.
  • — The page has unsafe elements.
  • — The page might pose a threat to your computer. For example, it loads scripts from an unsecure source over HTTP.

To get details about the security of the connection, click the lock icon in the SmartBox and go to the Connection tab in the window that opens:

site security indicators
icons in page headers
lock in page header
certificate not trusted
certificate expired