Browser (classic interface)

Protect: security in the internet

Yandex.Browser has developed its own active protection system . This is the first comprehensive security system in a browser that protects you from most threats when using the internet.

The Yandex.Browser security system:

What we check

While indexing the internet, Yandex checks tens of millions of pages on a daily basis. The Yandex search robot tracks:

  • Sites created for the purpose of virus distribution.
  • Respectable sites infected with viruses.
  • Sites associated with SMS fraud, phishing, and mobile subscriptions.

The addresses of infected and fraudulent sites are entered in a special database that is updated several times a day and contains data both from Yandex and from our partners. Overall, the system performs more than 20 million safety checks daily, resulting in the detection of about 5000 new infections and confirmed infections of over 80,000 more sites.

Note. To ensure protection from new threats, the browser must be updated regularly. This is why we do not recommend disabling browser autoupdate.