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Protect: paid subscription warnings

To subscribe to a paid service from your mobile device, you just need to click a button on the website page. Yandex.Browser will warn you about mobile subscriptions, so that you will only subscribe to those you really want to.

What are mobile subscriptions?

Mobile subscriptions are a convenient way to pay online. To make a payment, you simply follow a link to your mobile service provider's page and tap a button to confirm. Unscrupulous content providers can exploit this convenience to fraudulently sign you up for paid services.

Although mobile subscription pages are hosted on the websites of mobile network operators, their content is determined by outside content providers. Some of them do everything in their power to hide the fact that they're signing you up for a paid service. For example, the payment confirmation button might say Play or Enter. As a result, you only need to click a button once on a special site without reading the fine print at the bottom of the page, and money will start being deducted from your mobile account daily.

Though such pages are on mobile operator websites, their content is provided by third-party content providers who often do their best to hide information that their service is fee-based. This is particularly true when you visit a page with a mobile subscription from a computer and not from a mobile device, as it is harder to find the small letters on a bigger screen.

According to Yandex, about 20% of users land on pages with a mobile subscription from their computers. One of the reasons for this is the popularity of 3G modems that are often used together with Wi-Fi routers. In addition, malicious extensions may open pages with a mobile subscription.

Mobile subscription warning

Yandex.Browser will display a warning if you are redirected to the page of a mobile operator that has a mobile subscription. Only click the Proceed button if you are sure you want to pay for the subscription:

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