Browser (classic interface)

Downloading files

When a file starts loading, the file icon

Each file format has its own icon

moves to the area to the right of the SmartBox, and a download progress indicator appears near the icon. To open the last downloaded file, click its icon

Each file format has its own icon

in the right part of the SmartBox.

To open the list of recently downloaded files, do one of the following:

  • Open the Tableau and go to the Downloads tab.
  • Click the button

    In the right part of the SmartBox


Note. Yandex.Browser saves the history of all downloaded files. You can view the history of downloaded files and delete individual files from it. For more information, see the section Download history.

Where are files saved by default?

By default, files are saved in the following folders:

Operating systemDirectory
Windows XP My Documents\Downloads
Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users\<user account>\Downloads
Mac OS Users/<user name>/Downloads

How do I change the folder where files are saved?

In the browser settings, you can specify which folder to download files to and whether to ask for a name and location each time before saving a file:

  1. Click the button

    In the top right corner of the browser window

  2. In the lower part of the Settings page, click the Show advanced settings button.

  3. In the Downloads section, make the settings.

    More information
    • To change the folder where files are saved, click the Change button.

    • If you want the browser to ask in which folder to save the file and under which name, select the Ask where to save each file before downloading option.

Download process
How do I know if a file has downloaded?

The browser has several ways to notify you of file download status:

  • In the SmartBox and Tableau (Downloads tab), a download indicator appears next to the file icon

    Each file format has its own icon

  • In Tableau, under the file name, you will see the file size, time left until downloading is complete, and download speed.
What happens to downloads after restarting the browser?

After restarting the browser, it tries to finish downloading any files that were not completely downloaded. However, downloading cannot be resumed if:

  • You canceled it.
  • The file was completely downloaded.
  • The partially downloaded file was deleted.
  • A message was received from the server that the file is no longer found at the specified address.
Exceptions for automatic file downloads

You can set exceptions for automatic file downloads in the browser settings. For more information, see the section What are exceptions and how do I set them up?

Managing files
Open file

To open a downloaded file, click the icon with its image.

Open the file management menu:
  1. Open the Tableau.
  2. Go to the Downloads tab.
  3. Click the button

    Appears when pointing the mouse at a downloaded file

    to the right of the file name.

GoalMenu item
Setting automatically opening downloaded files

Open <file format> automatically

Open the folder where the file was saved

Show in folder

Pause download

Pause download

Resume download

Continue download

Cancel download


Open the page the file was downloaded fromGo to source
Copy the downloaded file's URLCopy link
Restart the file download from the very beginningReload

Note. You can also use the context menu

Right-click on it

for file management commands.

Problems sometimes occur with downloading a file. The browser will try to restart the download, if possible.

ProblemDownload status
Connection errorThe browser will try to reload the download
The download froze (nothing has been received for one minute)
A network change was detected (e.g. you connected/disconnected from Wi-Fi, connected/disconnected a cable)
The download was unpaused (if an error occurred while paused, a one-time attempt to complete the download is made)
The server does not support preloading filesThe file download starts over
The file was changed
No network availableThe download does not reload and doesn't start over
The server sends a message that the file is missing
No space on the disk
File system error
downloading files
problems downloading
downloaded files